Reinvent Yourself – Fall Makeup Trends 2010

When’s the last time you updated your makeup routine? Is it the same old same old from last year-the same colours that just don’t seem to excite you, or anyone else for that matter?
Purple Rain
Say goodbye to the dull black and charcoal smokey eyes this fall and give purple a go! From mild lavender to rich eggplant, the purple hue has made its presence known at the latest shows from Dior to Preen, making it the “must-have” colour favourite of this fall season!
Chanel Les Impressions Collection 2010- My pick: L’Oreal Paris HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Electrified. It offers a deep, shimmery plum accompanied by a silvery, softer matching shade for you to create a multi-faceted, metallic smokey-eye. I love L’Oreal’s HiP line as it includes so many wonderful colours in their purest, most concentrated form. Another great and inexpensive option is Chanel Les Impressions Collection. A quad of royal hues of purple to romantic lavender, what more can a girl ask for?
Add Smoke
Ever wonder why Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox always look so flawless with those intense, smoldering eyes? Good genes play a part but the hero of the day is none other than good old eyeliner. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of it!
Remember to extend the line to the outer corners of your eyes and gently tip it upward to create “wing-tips” for a dramatic, sexy look. This season, try a gel liner such as M.A.C’s Fluidline, Maybelline’s Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, or Wet N Wild’s Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner. All of the above have unique advantages and disadvantages; the important thing is to find a product that suits your personal needs.
Bare it ALL!
Going away from the dramatic smokey-eye look, let’s strip down to the bare essentials-flawless, porcelain skin paired with rosy, glowing cheeks and nude lips. This look is flattering on just about anyone.
What makes this look timeless? It’s clean, fresh and easy to maintain. Keep your skin happy by exfoliating your face weekly and moisturize often. Highlight the cheekbones, along the center of your nose, your chin and the area immediately below your brows for that JLo radiance.
Red, Red, Wine
Wine-coloured lips are also making a wave in the fall makeup scene. Megan Fox is the perfect visage to use as a template. To pull off this look you must have perfectly lined lips or else the result is nothing less than ghastly. To avoid bleeding, dab a little concealer on the areas all around your lips and blend well. This will prevent the colour from transferring. One last thing, if you’re playing up your lips with an intense colour like wine, then go easy on the eyes, and vice versa-except maybe on Halloween.
Never forget that makeup trends do come and go, so it’s very important for you to discover what truly works for your skintone, eyes and lips. Remember, it’s all about rockin’ your individuality!

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