How to Get Free Cosmetics

Cosmetics are a difficult enough choice for men so I don’t even want to imagine what a woman goes trough while trying to pick a new perfume, lipstick or mascara. Luckily, there are plenty of places online for you to get cosmetics for free. Marketing companies give them away as incentives for participating in various market research campaigns.
Basically, all you have to do is express your opinion about various products and services and you get to pick a cool gift, be it mascara or even a brand name fragrance. A lot of people are constantly getting stuff for free from these kinds of companies and it really is a shame to miss out on such opportunities. You won’t need any kind of previous experience, references or special education to participate and it all takes place from the comfort of your own home as you will be using your computer to answer the questions in the marketing research surveys.
And if you’re wondering what kind of stuff these people give away in exchange for your services then allow me to list just a few: Maybelline mascara, John Frieda shampoo and conditioner, Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipstick, Cetaphil skin cleansing lotion, Avon Anew face cream, Rimmel lip gloss and even a pair of Havaiana slippers.
As you can see, you can win really cool prizes for just a few minutes of your time and you have absolutely nothing to loose. One thing though: check out the programs quickly as these attractive prizes appeal to a lot of people and spots get filled pretty fast.

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