How to Apply Mascara Perfectly

To get the perfect set of lashes, follow these few steps when applying mascara and be on your way.
Just like with many other steps when doing your makeup, mascara needs to be prepped, too. As the last step of your eye makeup, some women tend to rush this step but this is the last step you want to rush! In order to prep, you want to start with a mascara primer, which comes in a white formula with the approximate consistency of a hand cream. Some mascaras come with a primer attached to the mascara tube, which can come in handy when packing light. By doing this (if you choose the right one), you will not only be intensifying the effect of your mascara by adding volume and length, you will also by conditioning your lashes. Primer is applied using the same method as your regular mascara, so start by pumping the wand in the tube and removing the excess on the side of the top, avoiding waste and applying excess. I like to start from the inside lashes and move out, because it’s the outer lashes that make the most impact, and that is where we tend to concentrate. Start at the base of the upper lash line and stroke the wand against your lashes to the tips, moving straight out towards the mirror, and continue this action as you move towards the outer lashes being careful to immediately take care of any clumps that may happen with a lash brush.
We want to put on the mascara over the primer while it’s still wet, so just apply the primer to one eye and repeat the same action in the same sequence with the mascara. Because primer is white, you want to make sure you completely cover it with your mascara, and of course, taking care of any clumps with your lash brush. Of course, after completing both steps on one eye, repeat the same on the second, applying the mascara while the primer is still wet.
If you want to boost up the bottom lash line, do not apply primer and go straight to the mascara, as the lower lash line is much more fine and adding primer will bring you a little too close to tarantula lashes. This time, instead of starting at the inner lashes, start at the outer lashes and work your way in. If lower and upper lashes start sticking together, slightly pull the lower lashes down and use your lash brush to separate them.
Word to the wise: While applying mascara, if you happen to accidentally get any on your skin allow it to dry completely before removing it. By doing this, you will avoid smearing it on your already made up face!

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