An Overview of the Foundation Brush

The makeup foundation is the most important part. If you do not get this part of the makeup process right, any further layers will simply not look good. Although you can use everything from your finger to a sponge to put on the foundation, the most common way the foundation is applied is through a foundation brush. Before applying the foundation you want to make sure that your skin is clean and hat you have put moisturizer on your face. Once you do these things, you can start to apply the foundation. Generally you want to move the foundation brush onto your nose, onto your cheeks, onto your chin, and on your forehead. Once you feel that the foundation has covered up all of your blemishes, wrinkles, and/or discoloration you have to smooth it out by using the same brush, a sponge, or your fingers. You want to smooth it out so that nobody notices that you have foundation in the first place. Once you’re done apply the foundation, move on to applying the upper layers.
Foundation brushes can generally be separated into 2 forms, those that are used for liquid or cream and those that are meant for power. Where can you buy a foundation brush? You can find some really cheap ones online as well as at your local drugstore. In fact, the best foundation brush I saw online, in terms of popularity and price, was the “Elf Foundation Brush”, which you can buy online or at your local drug store for less than $2. Other foundation brushes can go for over $50.

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